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Atkotiya Agro Technologies

Herbs have been served as Indian medicine for human beings since thousand of years ago.

They can also be a protection for crops due to their self- protection system because different plants have different self- protection systems. Some plants have active ingredients of killing pests: ingredients of killing pathogens, and some have a function of destructiveness. That is why herb source pesticide works.

Based on traditional Indian herbal medicine theories, applying, advanced extraction technology and through a decade of research and field experiment "Atkotiya's" natural herb source insecticide, fungicide and organic fertilizer with high- Efficiency environmental Protection, Low Toxicity, Non-Resistance and non residue are successfully developed out by Atkotiya Agro Technologies compared with traditional pesticides.


"Atkotiya's" natural herb source pesticides are not only broad-spectrum, but also can adjust and promote the growth Of crops due to their abundant micro nutrition capabilies. Therefore, they are kinds of special products with multifunction rather than simplex pesticides.

It is well known that herbs have a long- long history in India. They not only have significant functions on Indian medicines, also pesticides such as Azadirechta indica, Annona Aquamosa, Pongamia Pinnata, Aegle Marmeloes, Vitex Negundo, MilkWeeds etc. They control pests mainly by direct contach and stomach poison with efficiency and with out any harm to the environment.