Olishield I and II


Olishield I & II

Herbal/Botanical Fungicide

It has a broad spectrum of antifungal activity for a wide range of plants, vegetables and fruits. The main Raw material called Chitosan oligosaccharide & Herbs extract is obtained by the Biological process, so it is called an organic fungicide.

  1. Olishield is a Natural Fungicide.
  2. It exhibits strong fungicidal activity by inhibiting spore germination.
  3. It is antiviral and antifungal in action.
  4. Olishield control spreding Yellow vein mosaic virus, Mosaic virus and acts as preventive and curative for many types of germs and fungus. It cures a large number of diseases like Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, Late Blight, Phytopthora, Damping off, Root Rot, Pythium, Bacterial wilt etc.
  5. Salient features: Low dose required, high self-efficacy, no staining on sprayed leaf or surfaces and can be tank-mixed with half doses of Vigor is highly recommended.
  6. Target Crops: Cotton, Chili, Paddy, Citrus, Vegetable, Sugarcane, Groundnut, Orchards, Soybean, Pulses, flowers, Banana horticulture, other field crops and horticulture crops etc.
  7. Olishield is an Organic Herbal fungicide.

200 ml

  1. Seed Treatment: 30-30 ml of Olishield I & II to be mixed in 250 ml to 500 ml of water for seed coating 20 Kg seeds. Keep it for 2-3 hours drying and then sowing.
  2. Spraying: For spraying on different crops use both 1-1ml in one liter of water followed by one additional spray at an interval of 7-10 days.
  3. Soil Application Dose: Dilute 500-500 ml Olishield I & II in 150-200 liter of water and use with flood irrigation or root drenching per acre.