Sea Weed Extract Based Biostimulant

Seaweed extract, Citrus Peel Extract.

Prosper is a high-tech plant growth Stimulant with nutrient, adjustment and disease- resistance, which can be adapted to all plants such as, corn, economic crop and oil crops.

Prosper Improve effect and quality of crops.

It can enhance the plant stress tolerance such as resistance of diseases, drought, frigidity, salinization and lodging.

Prosper Low cost and toxicity and residue

Prosper Regulate hormones in plants body

It can regulate activity and balance of auxin, cytokinine, ethylene, GA in plants, which can balance the reproductive growth and the nutrition growth.

Prosper Widen spectrum, resist-diseases and relieve toxicity It can make plants resist germs and make plants strong, increase plant stress tolerance, enhance the effect of pesticides and relieve toxicity in plants body which caused by poisons, fertilizers and diseases.


100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1 ltr

It is a nutrition, regulation, disease prevention as one of the high efficient PGR. It can be made in the form of water. Compounding with fertilizer can reduce antagonism, regulate soil PH value and supply energy, increase the plant nutrient absorption rate to double your fertilizer efficiency.

1. It can enhance the activity of ATP enzymes and produce a large amount of ATP energy, provide nutrients to the plants' absorbing energy, and increase permeability of the membrane to enhance the assimilation of the fertilizer, improve fertilizer efficiency and the utilization rate.

2. Mixing with foliar fertilizer:

Compounding with foliar fertilizer can promote larger thickening plant leaves and stomatal expanded so that the fertilizer can come into the pore faster. This also can improve the photosynthetic efficiency and leaf cuticle permeability increase the infiltration of nutrients and the utilization rate of fertilizer.

3.Mixing with washing fertilizer:

Compounding with fertilizer make root developed, leaves hypertrophy, stem diameter- strong, fruit expansion fastly, color bright and on market earlier.

Dose: 2 ml. in 1 Litre of water. for Foliar Spray

Storage period 3 years.