Herbal Insecticide
Product Description

It is a Natural Plant-Source Organic insecticide controlling piercing-sucking pests with the advantages of high efficacy, low toxicity and no residue.

Active ingredient

Turmerịc extract and Herbal extract


Low toxicity


50 ml, 100 ml, and 250 ml

Function mechanism

Contact poison firstly, stomach poison and suffocate secondly, it can disturb the growth development of pests after entering into their bodies, and weaken their respirations then make them dead due to lack of energy.

  • Crops Target pest Suitable time for Application Dilution Rate
  • Vegetable
    Fruit tree
    Tea tree
    White fly
    Flee beetle
    Early stage of insect occurrence 700 times
  1. Application immediately after dilution.
  2. Keep spray clean, good combinability with other pesticide and fertilizer formulations of acidity, but never mix with any alkaline water & formulation.
  3. The effect will reduce if use in high temperature or before rain.
  4. The best spraying time is after 4.00 pm, to avoid too strong light.
  5. Widely spray on leaves, under side of leaves, stalk & buds.
  6. Because of natural plant ingredients, it can promote growth, increase yield and improve quality of crops.
  7. Please store in a dark, cool and arid place; keep away from high temperature and strong sunshine.
  8. Storage period 2 years.