Striker - W


Striker - W

Herbal Fungicide
Product Description

Extracted from shell of shrimp and crab, it is a new bio-fungicide. It can stimulate the synthesis and activation of chitinase and bacteriophage in the cell of plants. It can resist fungi, virus and bacteria.


Chitosan 7% & herbs extract.

PH value

5 to 7


100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1 ltr

Function :

It acts as a contact and stomach poison which paralysis nerve center of insects, solidifies the albumen & stops up the air vent of insect body & finally makes the insect dies of suffocation. It suppresses food absorption, reduces larva ability & hinders its growth to prevent insects from laying eggs. After application insects will stop eating & not damage the crop further. The insect dies after 36-48 hours. Full play of the product 72-78 hour.

  • Crops Target pest Suitable time for Application Dilution Rate
  • Vegetable, Cotton, Soyabean Beet armyworm Cabbage armyworm Tobacco cut worm Cotton bollworm Fruit & Shoot borer Early stage of insect occurrence 500-600 times
  1. Application immediately after dilution.
  2. Keep spray clean, good combinability with other pesticide and fertilizer formulations of acidity, but never mix with any alkaline water & formulation.
  3. The effect will reduce if use in high temperature or before rain.
  4. The best spraying time is after 4.00 pm, to avoid too strong light.
  5. Widely spray on leaves, under side of leaves, stalk & buds.
  6. Because of natural plant ingredients, it can promote growth, increase yield and improve quality of crops.
  7. Please store in a dark, cool and arid place; keep away from high temperature and strong sunshine.
  8. Storage period 3 years.