Crop Verdant



Herbal Fungicide
Product Description

The product has good effect on preventing and curing diseases. After spraying, it kills the branchsporozoites and pathogen, meanwhile it changes the procedure of disease producing germ invasion, finally it will weaken and eliminate the disease.


Cinnamon oil & herbal oil

PH value

5 to 7


100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1 ltr

Function :

  1. High - efficiency , Broad - spectrum , Rapid killing and safe to the environment .
  2. It has special effect on preventing and curing diseases caused by fungi .
  3. Best results will be achieved if using it at the initial stage of diseases
  4. 48 hours after spraying , the disease - spot will dehydrate , then it will turn withered , finally it will be well cured .

  • Crops Target Fungi Dilution
  • Vegetable
    Gray mold Powdery mildew, Blasting, Alterneriya,
    Anthracnose, Blight, Powdery/ Downey Mildew,
    Powdery & downy mildew, Anthracnose,
    Brown Rut, Leaf Spot,
    Gray mold, Powdery mildew, Anthracnose Disease Brown spot
    500-600 times
  1. Application immediately after dilution.
  2. The effect will reduce if use in high temperature or before rain.
  3. The best spraying time is after 4.00 pm, to avoid too strong light.
  4. Widely spray on leaves, under side of leaves, stalk & buds.
  5. Because of natural plant ingredients, it can promote growth, increase yield and improve quality of crops.
  6. Please store in a dark, cool and arid place; keep away from high temperature and strong sunshine.
  7. But never use with any alkali & micro organism base product.
  8. Storage period 2 years.